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During his 35 years with the Denver Ambulance Service, Rod Diercks responded to emergency calls in Denver and surrounding areas. At the end of April, Dierks decided to make the call to retire.
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Girls head track and field coach Abby Fliehler had a unique vantage point from other high school coaches as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded.
The Denver water tower was scheduled to be drained and put out of service on Tuesday, May 26, so it can be repaired and painted. The water tower will be tarped while sandblasting occurs to minimize potential hazards. The City asks that you stay away from the water tower area for safety reasons.

Our memorable moments go hand-in-hand with the team goals we had set in the beginning of the season, said Denver boys basketball head coach Kyle Matthias.
When head coach Joseph Frost reflects on the seniors of his team, he sees a lot of growth.
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