Football Contest Entry Form
#1. Purdue vs. Iowa
#2. Iowa State vs. Texas Tech
#3. South Dakota vs. Northern Iowa
#4. Oregon vs. Washington
#5. Arizona State vs. Utah
#6. Michigan vs. Penn State
#7. Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse
#8. TCU vs. Kansas State
#9. North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech
#10. Southern Miss vs. LA Tech
#11. Baylor vs. Oklahoma State
#12. Florida State vs. Wake Forest
#13. Air Force vs. Hawaii
#14. Philadelphia vs. Dallas
#15. Baltimore vs. Seattle
#16. New Orleans vs. Chicago
#17. Arizona vs. New York
#18. Los Angeles vs. Atlanta
#19. Minnesota vs. Detroit
#20. Houston vs. Indianapolis
Tie Breaker (Total points of Denver game)
North Butler vs. Denver
Football Contest Rules
  • Win weekly prizes courtesy of the Denver Cyclone Booster Club and a grand prize at the end of the contest drawn from all the previous winners. Grand Prize will be a $50 gift certificate at the Brothers Market in Denver
  • The Denver football game is always the tie-breaker. For the tie-breaker only, select the total number of points scored in the game, not the winner.
  • One entry per person is allowed weekly. If an individual submits more than one entry under the same email address, all that person’s entries will be disqualified.
  • Denver Business Directory
    Football Contest Results - Week 7
    1st place, Mike Skinner - 15 correct
    2nd place, Carleigh Rizer - 14 correct
    BLNT, Cassie Rizer
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