Football Contest Entry Form
#1. Maryland vs. Iowa
#2. Michigan vs. Michigan State
#3. Mississippi State vs. LSU
#4. South Dakota State vs. Northern Iowa
#5. New England vs. Chicago
#6. Minnesota vs. New York
#7. Cincinnati vs. Kansas City
#8. Dallas vs. Washington
#9. Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay
#10. Carolina vs. Philadelphia
Tie Breaker (Total points of Denver game)
Lake Mills vs. Denver
Football Contest Rules
  • 1. The 10 top games of the week are listed in the ads.
  • 2. The Denver football game is always the tie-breaker. For the tie-breaker only, select the total number of points scored in the game, not the winner.
  • 3. Use the form printed here or the form found on our website. Same size facsimiles are acceptable.
  • 4. Write the name of each team you think will win on the entry form.
  • 5. Drop off your entry at the Denver Savings Bank or mail it to: Forum, PO Box 509, Denver, IA 50622, before the 5 p.m. Friday deadline, this includes email. (Must be postmarked with Friday’s date) Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances
  • 6. One entry per person is allowed weekly. If an individual submits more than one entry under the same name during the same week or does not sign his or her entry form (except emailed entries - only one per email address), all that person’s entries will be disqualified.
  • 7. Everyone who enters the weekly contest is eligible for the GRAND PRIZE Drawing with the winner announced the last week of the contest.
  • 8. Winners each week will win: First Place - 1 ticket to a Denver home regular season football game, 2nd place - Pop and Popcorn at the concession stand, Better Luck Next time - Small Popcorn at the concession stand. Prize coupons will be mailed to the winners.
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