Football Contest Entry Form
#1. Oklahoma vs. Iowa State
#2. Texas A&M vs. Alabama
#3. Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay
#4. Indianapolis vs. Chicago
#5. Postville vs. Wapsie Valley, Fairbank
#6. Minnesota vs. Houston
#7. North Carolina vs. Boston College
#8. New England vs. Kansas City
#9. Dunkerton vs. Central, Elkader
#10. Buffalo vs. Las Vegas
#11. Philadelphia vs. San Francisco
#12. Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee
#13. Jesup vs. Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
Tie Breaker (Total points of Denver game)
Denver vs. Osage
Football Contest Rules
  • Win weekly prizes sponsored by AllyCatz GrubHouse and AllyCatz FireHouse good for sporting event admission or prizes at the Cyclone Boosters concession stand.
  • Grand Prize at the end of the season will be drawn from all previous weeks' winners, and will be a $50 Gift Certificate at AllyCatz!
  • Online ONLY entries are accepted. Fill out the form on this page.
  • Select your pick for the winner of each game pairing listed and click "enter" to win. Winners will be announced each week and prizes will be mailed to each entrant.
  • Deadline is Friday at 5 p.m. Only one entry allowed per person per week.
  • The Tiebreaker each week will be the Denver game, so select the total number of points you think will be scored by both teams for the tiebreaker. If the Denver game is not played, any ties will be decided by random selection.
  • Any games that are cancelled for any reason will be allowed as free picks for all entrants.
  • Good luck!
Football Contest Results - Week 5
1st place, Parker Forde
2nd place, Darrel Rizer
BLNT, Janet Kreb
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