Denver Cyclones beat the Bulldogs at homecoming 49-0
By Sean Kiefer

The Cyclone fans cheered on their football team at the Homecoming game, with the Cyclones ending up victorious, 49-0, against the MFL Marmac Bulldogs. This was a District game on October 6 at the Denver Athletic Complex.

In the first quarter, a mist was over the field and a more heavy rain was to follow in later quarters. In the beginning of the first quarter, the Cyclones were kicking and the Bulldogs were receiving the ball, and the first few plays made by the Bulldogs were blocked by the Cyclone’s defense which resulted in 4th down coming fast for the Bulldogs. After this, the Cyclones’ Bo McMahon made an unsuccessful attempt to rush the ball but the second time he ran 47 yards for a touchdown, and Kain Eagle made the kick, which put the score at 7-0. The Bulldogs regained possession of the ball and made numerous incomplete passes until 4th down once again. After the Cyclones’ phenomenal performance defensively, Sam Joerger made one 15 yard carry, and one 25 yard touchdown. Once again, Eagle made the kick and the score was 14-0. Just after the Bulldogs regained the ball, Dylan Corlett fumbled and Cael Krueger recovered the ball, which put the Cyclones very close to the end zone. The Bulldog defense did step up after this and McMahon tried to make a dash to the end zone, but he only got short gains which got him all the way to the 1 yard line. With 1 yard left at 4th down, Joerger went for a touchdown, and made it. Once more, Eagle makes the kick which made the score 21-0. The Bulldogs once again couldn’t get past the Cyclone defense and 4th down came quick. The Cyclones got a few yards in from Joerger before the quarter ended.

In the second quarter the Cyclones were back where they started, and McMahon scored a 5 yard touchdown followed by a failed kick by Eagle, setting the score at 27-0. The Bulldogs still couldn’t get past the Cyclone defense and were struggling to get anywhere. The Cyclones’ McMahon rushed down field for 42 yards. Several more carries followed from McMahon and Joerger, ending with Joerger scoring a 25 yard touchdown. Due to the wind, the Cyclones went for a two point conversion instead of a kick, and Joerger made the conversion which set the score at 35-0. The Bulldogs got the ball and kept getting first down, keeping control of the ball until the quarter ended.

After the second quarter, and into the third, the weather got calm which made it easier to play. The Cyclones eventually got the ball back and made a couple of carries to about halfway down the field until Joerger made a 43 yard touchdown and Eagle made a successful kick, setting the score to 42-0. Just after the Bulldogs got the ball, they attempted a pass which was intercepted by Mason Tierney, who ran for a 30 yard touchdown. Eagle made the kick once more which put the score at 49-0. After this, the Bulldogs kept themselves alive getting enough yards in for first down until the third quarter ended.

Unfortunately, there was no fourth quarter due to lightning and both teams ended the game.

Cyclone Head Coach Rhett Barret said, “Our defensive line did a nice job tonight, they contained them, got some sacs, and got pressure up front.” He added, “Everyone did a nice job tonight.”
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