Cyclones battle hard but fall in 2nd round
By Sean Kiefer

The Cyclones knew that it would be a tough battle against Dike-New Hartford, and they played their hearts out as though their lives were on the line.

Denver lost their final game of the season 53-47, and I would like to point out that never have I seen a group of guys show as much determination and passion for the game of basketball than this group of guys. We at the Denver Forum would like to thank the seniors for everything they've contributed to the team, which is their leadership, determination, and good attitudes on and off the court. We’d also like to thank the coaches for a great season and for the support they've given us to make our articles.

In the first half of the game, Dike-New Hartford couldn’t get ahead of the Cyclones as the game was very close between the two teams. Ki Jenkins, Sam Joerger, and Bryce Phelps were the top scorers that led the Cyclones’ offense in the first half.

The Cyclone defense was very efficient in stopping the Wolverines from scoring and, overall in the first half, the Cyclones did great by preventing the Wolverines from getting a large lead. The score at halftime was 26-24, with the Wolverines ahead by 2 points.

In the second half, the Cyclones and Wolverines kept the game very close until the final minutes.

Phelps continued to keep the offense going while Devin Baas was great on defense and getting rebounds.

The Cyclones almost had the game at one point, but the Wolverines came back and sealed the game by out-scoring the Cyclones.

The final score of the game was 53-47 with the Dike-New Hartford Wolverines advancing to the district finals against Aplington-Parkersburg at Waverly-Shell Rock High School.

In a post game interview with Cyclone Varsity Boys’ Coach Kyle Matthias, he said, “We came out with a slow start in the beginning of the season, but through and after winter break we improved our performance a lot.”

He added, “Tonight I loved how we stuck to our game plan, but we just didn’t finish our shots.”

See more photos on page 12 of this week's Denver Forum.
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