You’ve been flocked!
By Lindsey Corell
For around a month, the town of Denver was seeing pink. Flamingos were placed in unsuspecting citizen’s yards as a fundraiser by the Friends of the Library.

For $20.00, community members could have members of the Friends of the Library flock their friends’ yard with over a dozen plastic flamingos by filling out a form. With over 60 houses and a few businesses being flocked all that pink lead to a lot of green that was donated to the Denver Public Library. To date, this has been the biggest fundraiser for the Friends of the Library.

The money will go towards new books and performers for the Denver Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. In past years, the money has also gone towards new seating, classes and other bigger expenses.

The flamingo flocking fundraiser started on April 21, with the last flocking on May 23. The idea was to have the flamingos stay in a yard for two to three days, but due to the overwhelming response, the flamingos stayed in yards for only a day so they could go to the next “victim’s” yard. Due to the high number of flockings on the list, members had to recruit their spouses and children to help out.

The flockings happened after the sun went down so the “flockers” wouldn’t be seen and the flamingos were placed all over the front lawn. A letter was left that stated: “Congratulations! You’ve Been Flocked! A friend of yours paid us to place these pink darlings on your yard! This “flocking” is done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean. These flamingos will roost on your lawn for 1-2 days, when they will mysteriously migrate to another friend’s (or victim’s) lawn. If you would like to specify the next victim, all we ask is a donation of $20 to the Friends of the Library. Fill out the form in our Head Flamingo and place it in the bag along with your donation! Of course, removal of these feathered friends will be done automatically at no charge, so please don’t hurt our pink beauties! Thank you for your sense of humor and support. Sincerely, The Friends of the Library.”

On the last night of the fundraising event, the members flocked the Denver Sunset Home and Willow Winds for fun as they thought the residents would enjoy it.

The fundraiser exceeded their expectations and hope to do it again another year.

“The feedback was all positive,” said Friends of the Library member Ranae Jostad. “We had so many people tell us how great it was and how much they enjoyed it. We even had one family pay to keep the flamingos in their yard an extra day. The fundraiser was better than we could have expected.”

The Friends of the Library are always looking for new members. If interested, contact the Denver Public Library at 319-984-5140.
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