Denver girls lose to ranked Columbus
Denver girls took on a tough Columbus softball team May 31, with the Sailors taking the 7-1 win.

The Cyclones were prepared going to Columbus, as Columbus was ranked #2 in the 3A Class rankings released on May 31. Columbus has been the NICL East Conference champion for three years straight, so this made a challenge for the Cyclones.

In the first innings, the Cyclones did a great job on defense. The Cyclones kept up with the Sailors with Jaden McMahon pitching well so batters weren’t always being walked. The outfield was in focus and didn’t drop pop flies and had good communication. The offense didn’t score runs, but, Columbus also didn’t score runs either.

In the later innings the Columbus Sailors got ahead of the Cyclones by many runs and took control of the game. The Sailors used many bunts to get the bases loaded and then the hitter would hit the ball far in the outfield and sacrifice a out to score runs. The Cyclones’ Sydney Eggena had a home run to make it her second home run of the season.
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