Stephanie Fowler honored as All-Star Educator
By Lindsey Corell

On June 14, Denver first grade teacher Stephanie Fowler was honored at a Waterloo Bucks baseball game. She was one of 15 All-Star Educators honored.
Fowler was nominated by Denver K-12 Media Specialist Tyllie Corbin. Corbin’s nomination letter was read to the crowd.

“Ms. Fowler goes above and beyond to help her students in the classroom and makes sure that she is providing new and exciting ways for them to achieve their goals. She also strongly encourages her students to share their learning with their parents and discuss their school work together. On top of her great work in the classroom, Stephanie is also a great colleague as she is always lending an ear and giving sound advice.”

Fowler stood on the field before the game with the other educators. Each of them received a jersey customized with their name on the back. This is the first year for the All-Star Educators honors.

“I'm honored and humbled by Tyllie's nomination,” said Fowler. “I've always been impressed and inspired by her as a teacher and a friend, so I'm tickled to see her feelings reciprocated. It was definitely a memorable event at the Bucks Stadium. Some colleagues came out to cheer me on while I also made some new friends who share the same drive. Working with such exceptional colleagues with their passion and dedication to our kiddos is truly reward enough. However, I do cherish my Waterloo Bucks jersey.”

Fowler has been a teacher for 19 years, 10 of those years have been at Denver.
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