Denver Cyclones push for win, West Marshall ends on top 34-20
The Denver Cyclones Football team was searching for their first win. This didn’t happen on Sept. 7, against the West Marshall Trojans, as the Trojans won 34-20.

Early in the game, West Marshall scored an early touchdown off of a 41 yard rush from Cameron Bannister #17. The Cyclones used the ball wisely, Cael Krueger #4 passing and rushing the Cyclones to the red zone.

Zach Miller #35 caught a pass from Krueger to score for the Cyclones, but, the extra point kick that followed was no good, so the Cyclones were still down 7-6.

The Cyclones made a defensive stop against the Trojans, putting the ball in their possession. Krueger made a 27 yard pass to #7 Nathan Eggena to reset the score to 12-7. The two point conversion that followed was complete, increasing the Cyclones’ lead to 14-7. The Cyclones once again got the ball back after another defensive stop, but an interception was thrown and led to a Trojan touchdown and extra point, with the score tied at 14-14. Denver scored another touchdown, but West Marshall scored a last second touchdown before the half, making the score 20-20.

The Trojans scored right off the bat in the third quarter after a rushing touchdown, putting the Cyclones down 27-14. The two teams exchanged back and forth possessions until the Trojans’ Bannister rushed into the end zone for a 10 yard touchdown. There were no more scoring plays after this, only a few good plays here and there from both sides.
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