Sumner-Fred outlast Cyclones
By Sean Kiefer

Instead of the usual Friday night lights for the Denver Cyclone football team, it was Thursday night lights on October 4 due to possible rain Friday night. This was a very close game, even to the point where it came down to a final catch. The Cyclones stood strong on both sides of the ball, but Sumner-Fredericksburg’s defense was able to take the ball and score at crucial points in the game.

The Cyclones kicked off to the Cougars to start the action. The Cyclones were the underdog coming into the game, but made impressive defensive stops to prevent the Cougars from scoring in the first quarter. The Cyclones and Cougars went back and forth, both teams unable to score.

Early in the second quarter, the Cyclones’ offense, led by Cael Krueger #4 and Colton Reiter #10, made their way to the Cougars’ red zone. Reiter broke away on the next play and caught a 12-yard touchdown pass. The field goal that followed was good, making the score 7-0. The Cyclone defense, led by Nathan Eggena #7, Trevor Dorn #56, Brock Farley #59, and Mitchil Thuesen #5, made another stop to give the Cyclones the ball back. The Cougars got a pick six after Krueger went for a long pass, making the score 7-6. The Cougars got the 2-point conversion after, making the halftime score 8-7.
The Cyclones received the ball to start the second half, but, after a hard hit, the Cougars recovered a fumble and took it all the way for a touchdown. With a failed 2-point conversion, the score was 14-7.

The two teams went scoreless again until the fourth quarter, when the Cyclones played it safe by taking a safety instead of a chance for a Cougar touchdown, setting the score to 16-13. The Cougars failed to get yards after this, giving the Cyclones the ball back with little time left.

The Cyclones were able to get a decent amount of yards and make it down the field a ways, but it all came down to Krueger’s 30+ yard pass to Zach Miller #35. The Cougars saw this coming, and made sure that every receiver was covered, so the pass fell incomplete and ended the game, with the Cougars surviving the Cyclones’ victory attempt 16-13.
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