Denver Cyclones end season to #13 Hudson 3-0
By Sean Kiefer

It was a hard-fought battle for the Denver Cyclone volleyball team, but the #13 Class 2A-ranked Hudson team powered past the Cyclones on October 22.

In short, the Cyclones started off well early in the game, but Hudson came back and swept the Cyclones with a well-balanced offense and defense. The Cyclones finished 23-17 and fourth in the NICL East.

The Cyclones had 6 seniors, Allison Waterman #11, Lila Meyer #25, Julia Vervaecke #16, Abby Sheridan #14, Gabby Corday #2, and Marissa Stock #1. Newcomers Reese Johnson #7 and Sydney Eggena #10 had a positive impact on the team this year and will have an impact on years to come.

The Cyclones were coached by first-year coach Mara Forsythe and assistant coaches.
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