Denver men beat Hudson
By Sean Kiefer

The Cyclone men were able to contain the Hudson Pirates, but only after the sluggish start they had.

The beginning of the first quarter wasn’t very good, with Hudson outscoring the Cyclones 9-2. However, the Cyclones brought the game within one point after Alex Gebel #4 and Zach Miller #12 scored several points in the paint.

Throughout the second quarter, the Cyclones and Pirates went back and forth, Kyler Matthias #3 and Will Curtis #55 hitting shots to score five second-quarter points going into halftime.

After halftime, the Cyclones kept on forcing turnovers and turning over the ball, with the help of Bryce Phelps #2 and Isaac Besh #1 to allow the Cyclones to rout the Pirates. Midway through the fourth quarter, Devin Baas #21 received the ball wide open and slam dunked the ball to top off the Cyclones' swell night.

In a post-game interview with Cyclone boys’ varsity Coach Kyle Matthias, he said, “I’m glad how we played the duration of the game, even though we started out a little slow.”

He added, “ I give credit to their team, they took away our inside game but our guys kept their head in the game.”
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