Customers ‘in good hands’ at Denver Savings Bank
By Lindsey Corell

For 17 years, Deb Fink has greeted customers at Denver Savings Bank. On February 1, she will be saying goodbye to those customers as she will be going into retirement.

Fink was wanting a career change and a friend told her about an opening at DSB. Fink applied for the job and was hired. She started on December 26, 2001. Throughout her years, Fink has been a universal banker, she has worked as a teller and with new accounts.

Fink stated that the biggest changes she witnessed while at DSB has been online and mobile banking. One of the major events Fink recalls is when Denver was hit by a major ice storm in 2007.

“We had an ice storm and the power was out for five days,” said Fink. “It was very challenging and was an eye opener to us. After that, we made sure to have a plan in action if it were to ever happen again.”

Loyal customers and coworkers turned friends are what Fink will miss the most.

“It’s been great to have such a wonderful team to work with,” said Fink. “I wish all of them the best of luck and thank them for all of the support over the years.”

During her retirement, Fink plans on spending more time with her family, especially with her grandson, Zadyn, getting back in touch with old friends and doing a bit of traveling.

Fink has been married to her husband, Dave for 38 years. They have three children; Josh, Jake and Heather.

“What I want to leave with is that customers know that they are in very good hands with all the new faces here at the bank,” said Fink. “I hear a lot how the customers say they don’t know many of the staff anymore and I want to reassure them that they will be here to guide you and will be with you all of the way.”
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