Mayor's Corner by Mayor Rod Diercks
By now I don't need to tell you that it is cold outside. Most of us have never experienced this type of cold. However I do remember sometime back in the early 80s we had a very similar cold snap as we are experiencing now. Please listen to these warnings especially for those of you that are working outside.

If you remember a couple of years ago we had several water pipes freezing. Please run your water for a few minutes and check the temperature. If you are between 35 and 40 degrees F. Let your water running at at small stream to help your water lines from freezing.

If anyone has a problem with your furnace and cannot keep your home warm. Please contact me and I can make arrangements to open City Hall and the EMS Building. I will let the Fire Chief and Ambulance Chief aware of opening the building. Teresa will be at the station tommorow also.

Please check on your neighbors if you have not seen them in a few days or something looks out the norm especially if the are alone or have any health issues.

This is a very dangerous situation. Please take precautions as needed.

Mayor Rod.
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