Denver ladies tie Waterloo 1-1 at Jamboree
By Sean Kiefer
Photos by Scrappy Trib

After only 5 practices in the 2019 season and a whole new formation, the Denver ladies’ soccer team had to play Waterloo in the Cedar Falls Jamboree on April 1.

Both Denver and Waterloo were equally skilled and weren’t able to gain the upper hand on one another, leading to their tie.

The beginning of the game is where all of the action occurred. To start the game, Waterloo’s Selma Begic kicked a goal to set Waterloo up 1-0.

Denver and Waterloo exchanged several back and forth possessions with Abbi Austin, Jordyn Foelske, #Mackenzie Milder, Kambrie Clinton, and Sarah Steege getting playing time. After the back-and-forth possessions, Lila Meyer set up Sami Gehrke for a goal to tie the game at 1-1.

For the remaining 20 minutes or so, Denver’s goalie, Emma Hennessey, caught and prevented several potential goals while senior Captain Gabby Corday led the defense. Megan Lown, Jaci Carter, Natalie Harberts, Myah Swanson, Hayden Arians and Rachel Hennessey all got some action on the field.
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