Varsity, JV at Dave Sage Relays
By Sean Kiefer
Images by The Scrappy Trib

The Denver Cyclones men’s track team just had a meet rescheduled a day before due to rain, so they were eager to go back out and compete. The Cyclone varsity and junior varsity teams attended the Dave Sage Relays on April 5 at Waverly-Shell Rock High School.

The field events kicked off the relays, with Keaton Laures and Beau Bonnette throwing discus and shot put for JV while Brock Farley and Darren Brandes threw shot put and discus for varsity. For long jump, Stratton Ferson and John Bergmeier jumped varsity while Luka Fuhrmann and Gabe Ricketts jumped for JV. Tanner Kroeze, Zach Miller, and Colton Reiter high jumped for JV and Devin Baas and Nick Adams high jumped for varsity.

Running events started with the 800-meter sprint medley relay where Ben Kasemeier, John Bergmeier, Tanner Kroeze, and Andrew Krause ran for varsity while Jeremiah Giesler, Rhett Bonnette, Beau Bonnette and Conner Vauthier ran for JV. Next up was the 4×800-meter relay where Trevan Reiter, Alex Larson, Colton Reiter, and Josh Terrill ran for varsity while Jeremiah Giesler, Luka Fuhrmann, Rhett Bonnette and Matthew Rabenhorst ran for JV. For the shuttle hurdle relay, Andrew Krause, Nicholas Adams, Caylor Hoffer, and Josh Terrill hurdled for JV while Jaden Forde, Zach Miller, Alex Larson, and Nathan Eggena hurdled for varsity.

Following that was the 100-meter dash, where Luke Bloker and Stratton Ferson ran for varsity while Keaton Laures and Gabe Ricketts ran for JV. Next was the 1600-medley relay, which Jaden Forde, Nathan Eggena, Devin Baas, and Alex Gebel ran for varsity. Soon after was the 400-meter dash, which Luke Bloker and Caylor Hoffer ran for varsity while Ben Kasemeier ran for JV. Jeremiah Giesler, Conner Vauthier, Matt Rabenhorst, and Rhett Bonnette ran the JV 4×200 while Tanner Kroeze, Trevan Reiter, Andrew Krause, and John Bergmeier ran for varsity. For the 110-meter high hurdles, Jaden Forde hurdled for varsity while Zach Miller and Alex Larson hurdled for JV.

The string of the final running events started with the 800-meter run which Aiden Dolan and Matthew Rabenhorst ran for JV while Alex Gebel and Quinlan Manross ran for varsity. The 200-meter dash was run by Devin Baas and Colton Reiter for varsity while Nicholas Adams and Luka Fuhrmann ran for JV. For the 400-meter low hurdles, Nathan Eggena and Jaden Forde ran varsity while Caylor Hoffer and Zach Miller ran JV. For the 1600-meter run, Rhett Bonnette ran for JV while Alex Larson and Trevan Reiter ran varsity. In a special event, Luke Bloker, Caylor Hoffer, Stratton Ferson, and Alex Gebel ran the varsity 4×100-meter relay, Brock Farley, Keaton Laures, Beau Bonnette, and Darren Brandes ran the weightmen 4×100, and Ben Kasemeier, Gabe Ricketts, Jeremiah Giesler, and Luka Fuhrmann ran the JV 4×100. To close out the busy night, Devin Baas, Stratton Ferson, Luke Bloker, and Colton Reiter ran the varsity 4×400-meter relay while Nicholas Adams, John Bergmeier, Andrew Krause, and Tanner Kroeze ran JV.
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