Denver Cyclone track teams qualify in 13 events for state
By Sean Kiefer
Images by The Scrappy Trib

The Denver men and ladies’ track teams competed Friday, May 10 at the state qualifier meet at Garner-Hayfield-Ventura. Other teams in attendance included Garner-Hayfield-Ventura, Eagle Grove, Aplington-Parkersburg, Osage, Crestwood, Emmetsburg, Clarion-Goldfield, Pochanon Area, New Hampton, Forest City, and Lake Mills.

Sometimes, in the pressure of do-or-die competition, things don’t go exactly as expected. This was the case for the Denver track teams, as some of the events they expected to automatically qualify for state in they did not. Stiff competition and a few unfortunate errors left some of the athletes without a guaranteed spot at the state meet.

The events that Denver automatically qualified for the state meet include: 400-meter hurdles with Ireland Pollock (District Champion); girls’ sprint medley (District Champion) with Tiffany Wright, Bella Laures, Ireland Pollock and Allison Waterman; 3000-meter run with Chloe Ristau; 4×200-meter relay with Katie Mortenson, Bella Laures, Ireland Pollock and Allison Waterman; 800-meter run, Allison Waterman and Alex Gebel (District Champions); 4×100-meter relay with Katie Mortenson, Bella Laures, Tiffany Wright and Ireland Pollock, and Brock Farley for shot put and discus. Allison Waterman for the 400-meter dash, the men's distance medley relay team, men's 4x800-meter relay team and Nathan Eggena for 400 meter hurdles all received an at-large bid Saturday afternoon for the state meet.


100M Dash - Tiffany Wright 14.01; Katie Mortenson 14.05; Tanner Kroeze 12.78
200M Dash - Tessa Joerger 31.35; Madison Even 32.17; Caylor Hoffer 25.20; Andrew Krause 25.53
400M Dash - Allison Waterman 1:01.74; Cassie Rizer 1:07.14; Josh Terrill 57.68
800M Run - Allison Waterman 2:26.36; Elle Block 2:52.79; Alex Gebel 2:02.96; Aiden Dolan 2:18.99
1500M Run - Chloe Ristau 5:26.84
1600M Run - Trevan Reiter 5:02.62; Alex Larson 5:26.06
3000M Run - Chloe Ristau 11:43.65
3200M Run - Alex Larson 11:36.76; Quinlan Manross 12:07.80
100M Hurdles - Tessa Joerger 20.09; Sydney Eggena 20.24
110M Hurdles - Zach Miller 17.17; Alex Larson 18.91
400M Hurdles - Ireland Pollock 1:07.42; Nathan Eggena 57.33; Zach Miller 1:07.99
4x100M Relay - Denver Ladies 52.51 - Katie Mortenson, Bella Laures, Tiffany Wright, Ireland Pollock
Denver Men 49.38 - Caylor Hoffer, Devin Baas, Stratton Ferson, Tanner Kroeze
4x200M Relay - Denver Ladies 1:49.21 - Katie Mortenson, Ireland Pollock, Bella Laures, Allison Waterman
Denver Men 1:39.74 - Caylor Hoffer, Devin Baas, Stratton Ferson, Tanner Kroeze
4x400M Relay - Denver Ladies 4:29.86 - Cassie Rizer, Kylee Mrzlak, Cylee Liddle, Bella Laures
Denver Men 3:39.05 - Alex Gebel, Colton Reiter, Luke Bloker, Nathan Eggena
4x800M Relay - Denver Men 8:33.43 - Alex Gebel, Trevan Reiter, Colton Reiter, Nathan Eggena
800 Sprint Medley Relay - Denver Ladies 1:51.76 - Tiffany Wright, Bella Laures, Ireland Pollock, Allison Waterman
Denver Men 1:40.26 - Caylor Hoffer, Devin Baas, Stratton Ferson, Luke Bloker
Distance Medley Relay - Denver Ladies 4:55.29 - Sydney Eggena, Kylee Mrzlak, Cylee Liddle, Emma Haase
Denver Men 3:43.35 - Nathan Eggena, Luke Bloker, Devin Baas, Alex Gebel
Shuttle Hurdle Relay - Denver Men 1:07.66 - Zach Miller, Alex Larson, Josh Terrill, Andrew Krause
High Jump - Tessa Joerger NH; Nick Adams 5-08
Long Jump - John Bergmeier 17-07.25; Andrew Krause 16-08.25
Shot Put - Sydney Eggena 33-00.00; Jaden McMahon 25-05.25; Brock Farley 49-02.75; Darren Brandes 33-00.50
Discus - Jaden McMahon 84-02; Sydney Eggena 64-03; Brock Farley 156-00; Darren Brandes 74-09
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