New “Welcome” signs for Denver and tree event theme
Despite all the rainy and chilly weather this spring, the Denver Betterment Committee was able to complete planting of the flower pots in the downtown area. Each container contains trailing petunias and something new in the center of each pot.

The committee purchased black, metal, “Welcome to Denver, Our Hometown,” signs which can be used year after year. Hopefully, everyone will take the “Welcome” to heart.

Placement of the pots is as follows: Casey’s, Brothers Market, UnityPoint Clinic, First Maxfield Insurance, Martin Health Care Services, Motorcycle Towing, Denver Post Office, the corners of First Insurance Services, Kwik Star, Thurm Financial, Sterling Tops, Denver Savings Bank (2), Kaiser-Corson Funeral Home, Sweet Spot, 101 Artiques, Stumme Law Office, City Hall, Veteran’s Tribute, Denver Library (2), Do-It Corporation and Schumacher Elevator.

The Betterment Committee would like to express their appreciation and thanks to those businesses who so generously donated funds to help defray the cost of the flowers and dirt to fill the containers. Also, special “thanks” to the city workers who placed the already filled pots in the designated spots.

The “DENVER” flower sign on the embankment in front of Casey’s has been planted with marigolds and, hopefully, Mother Nature will continue to water it.

The Betterment Committee would like to take this opportunity to announce the theme for this year’s Festival of Trees event. It is “Cozy Christmas,” so start thinking how to decorate your tree.
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