Denver, Janesville trapshooting teams compete at state meet
By Sean Kiefer
Images provided by The Scrappy Trib

The state trapshooting meet is always the busiest meet of the year, with thousands of people attending each year. The Denver and Janesville trapshooting teams, coached by Chad Smith, Joe Carlson, and Jimmy Wilmot, gave their shooters a chance to compete at the highly competitive state meet on June 8.

Overall, Denver had 8 individual shooters on JV and varsity combined while Janesville had 6 individual shooters on JV and Varsity combined.
Brayden Carlson only missed a single shot the whole day and will shoot a tiebreaker with another individual who also shot 199/200.

Carlson shot in a sudden death for second place with a perfect score in the shoot-off Sunday, June 9. Congrats to Brayden and the team, coaches, and families for a great weekend.


Brayden Carlson: 199/200
Jeremy Browning: 170/200
Jacob DeVries: 173/200
Peyton Dobbs 175/200
Trevor Johnson: 192/200
Brody Smith: 185/200
Maxwell Thrasher: 147/200
Carter Versluis: 164/200


Brayden Bradfield: 176/200
Tegan Briddle: 184/200
Conner Clubine: 171/200
Tylen Hirsch: 157/200
Landen Ruth: 136/200
Mason Thompson: 139/200
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