Cyclones soar over Falcons in 2nd half
By Sean Kiefer
Images Provided by The Scrappy Trib

There is always a little good with the bad, some say. The bad was last week’s homecoming loss to Osage. This week, the Cyclones turned themselves around to defeat Aplington-Parkersburg 35-13 on their home turf during AP’s homecoming on October 4.

To start the game, the Falcons made a few plays with Ayden Morris to go into the Cyclone red zone, but the Cyclone defense turned the ball over on downs. With the help of Isaac Besh in the passing game, the Cyclones advanced quickly down the field until Caylor Hoffer caught an 11-yard touchdown. With a good PAT from Trevan Reiter, the Cyclones were up 7-0 early.

The Cyclones and Falcons exchanged possessions until, when Denver had the ball, they turned it over on downs. However, when the Falcons got the ball back, they fumbled and the ball was recovered by Brennen Graber to give the Cyclones possession. However, the Cyclones were not able to get a first down, giving the Falcons the ball back. The Falcons made their way downfield until Terrence Colar caught a 35-yard touchdown from Owen Thomas, and, with a good PAT, the game was tied at 7 to end the half.

The second half started off with a bang, as the Cyclones quickly made their way downfield. When the Cyclones were within the Falcon’s 5-yard line, Nathan Eggena ran in for a 4-yard touchdown. With another good PAT by Trevan Reiter, the Cyclones were up 14-7. The Falcons and Cyclones exchanged the next few possessions until Denver got the ball back. Braydon Powers helped the Cyclones rush into the red zone with 30 yards in 2 attempts. Isaac Besh finished the job by rushing into the endzone for a 5-yard touchdown. Another good PAT by Trevan Reiter put the Cyclones up 21-7 into the 4th quarter.

When the Falcons got the ball back, they were quickly intercepted by Trevan Reiter to give the ball back to the Cyclones. Nathan Eggena scored with a 15-yard touchdown and a good PAT by Trevan Reiter put the Cyclones up 28-7. The Falcons got the ball back, but they were intercepted again by Trevan Reiter to give the Cyclones possession again. The Cyclones scored their final touchdown with Eggena‘s 25-yard touchdown and with one last good PAT by Trevan Reiter, putting the Cyclones up 35-7. Nearing the end of the game, the Falcons made a final score with Josh Haan catching a two-yard touchdown. The PAT was no good, giving the Cyclones the 35-13 win over Aplington-Parkersburg.

In an interview with Cyclone varsity football Head Coach Rhett Barrett, he said, “We worked hard tonight and showed a lot of character, we were down and things weren’t going our way, but these kids busted their butts and played physical football and did things right.”
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