Cyclones start 2020 with win over Raiders 68-46
By Sean Kiefer
Images provided by The Scrappy Trib

The Denver men’s basketball team came out strong and stayed consistent against the Dunkerton Raiders on January 3 in the first match-up of the new decade.

The Cyclones and Raiders clashed early in the first quarter, the Raiders keeping up close with the Cyclones. The Cyclones throughout this stretch were led by Isaac Besh, who would score 7 of his 32 total points of the night. However, despite this impressive run for the Cyclones, they would only be able to down the Raiders by 4 points heading into the second quarter.

Throughout the second quarter, the Cyclones utilized Bryce Phelps as their shooter and Luke Prendergast as the post to score. This system also included Caylor Hoffer, who made a few shots and important rebounds. By the end of the quarter, the Cyclones would be up 37-17 against the Raiders.

In the second half, the Cyclones played as a team and were strong on defense against the Raiders. This proved to be an effective strategy as the Cyclones continued to shut down the Raiders and collect the victory, 68-46.

Teamwork contributed to the success, including Conlee Lyons, Colton Reiter, Mitchell DeVries, Connor Sheridan, Hunter Shollenbarger, Nick Adams, Logan Tierney and Jared Minikus. Cyclone Kyler Matthias showed excellent leadership in helping to keep the team on task in defense and offense. He used his on-court skills on rebounds and assists, and helped lead the offensive efforts.

In a post-game interview with Cyclone varsity Coach Kyle Matthias, he said, “In the second half of our season, we’re going to try to focus on winning games every night and one of our areas of focus is our defense, keeping our energy there on the court.”

Credit is given to both teams for their hard-fought efforts, led by their coaches, Kyle Matthias, Dennis Curtis, Marcus McMahon, and Aaron Phelps for the Cyclones, and Todd Kuntz, Derek Hopson, and Dan Knebel for the Raiders. After this game, the men’s record stood at 4-2.
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