Denver ladies defeat rival Wapsie 55-31
By Sean Kiefer
Images Provided By The Scrappy Trib

On January 7, one of the most important basketball games of the season took place in the Denver Cyclone Center.

A few minutes west of Denver, you’ll find Denver’s rival, Wapsie Valley. Denver and Wapsie have had a long history of rivalry in all sports. The most recent meeting for basketball was last year when Wapsie Valley defeated the Denver ladies in the first round of the playoffs.
To start the game, the Cyclones jumped ahead of the Warriors quickly. The Cyclones would rebound and shoot well from the field with Grace Hennessey to let them get ahead. Wapsie Valley would have a tough time responding to Denver’s points as the Cyclones provided an excellent defense that prevented easy inside shots to be made. By the end of the first quarter, the Cyclones had only given up 3 points with the score being 18-3.

Into the second quarter, the Cyclones would keep things up offensively but slow down a tad on defense. The Cyclones would utilize sophomore Reese Johnson on offense as she had several shots made for the Cyclones in the paint in the second quarter. The Warriors’ Kaci Beesecker helped keep Wapsie Valley in it by leading them in scoring and on defense.

To start the second half, both teams would lay back both offensively and defensively. The Cyclones would continue their run early in the fourth quarter with the Cyclones outscoring 12-2 in a small stretch with the help of Jaden McMahon. After this scoring run for the Cyclones, they would stagnate for the rest of the game and end their impressive rivalry win with the final score at 55-31.

In a post-game interview with Cyclone varsity girls’ Head Coach Joe Frost, he said: “Wapsie always has a different vibe than other opponents, and I felt we took control early and kept control.”
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