Denver ladies come back to win ecstatic game in overtime 52-47
By Sean Kiefer

Facing your rival in the postseason usually produces exciting results, and when the Lady Cyclones took on Aplington-Parkersburg, it was no exception to that. On February 21, the Lady Denver Cyclones took on the A-P Falcons in the district semifinals. The game had many shifting moments and went into overtime with the Cyclones coming out on top.

In the first half, the Falcons were the stars of the show. At first, the Falcons and Cyclones were neck-and-neck, but, with 24 Ellie Etjenā€™s inside shots for the Falcons, they were able to have a 15-10 lead by the end of the first quarter.

As the second quarter progressed, the Falcons gained more ground over the Cyclones with Megan Johnson hitting a few threes that helped set the Falcons ahead. By the half, the Falcons had a 31-18 lead over the Cyclones.

The Cyclones would stay behind the Falcons since their Jaycie Ellis was scoring well in the paint and helped keep the Falcons ahead. At the start of the 4th quarter, the Cyclones were down 39-29, but they would begin their comeback.

Rachel Hennessy led the way with 7 points in a certain segment that brought the Cyclones within 5 with the score at 39-35. The Cyclones would bring it even closer until, with 10 seconds left, they were down 2. Sydney Eggena for the Cyclones tested the Falcons by driving in for a layup to send the game into overtime.

In overtime, the Cyclones utilized fouls committed by the Falcons. Rachel Hennessy, Eggena, and Allison Bonnette all made free throws down the stretch that set the Cyclones over the Falcons for the comeback win of 52-47.

The ladies will play at Waterloo West on Wednesday, Feb. 26, against Grundy Center for a spot in the IGHSAU state tournament.
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