From the Denver Schools’ Superintendent
These are unprecedented times. Our school has been monitoring this closely for some time and will continue to do everything we can to make sure all measures have been taken to keep everyone safe.

Our school nurse, Kari Murch, has been a great resource and has been in constant communication with area school nurses, the Bremer County Department of Health, and the Iowa Department of Health. There has also been constant communication with area administrators as well as the Denver Board of Education.

We have followed Governor Kim Reynold's recommendation that all schools in Iowa be closed for four weeks. This includes school, all activities, practices, etc. We have closed all of our school facilities for community use, including Cyclone Center, and our playgrounds.
Our staff is working on age-appropriate materials for students to work on at home. We recommend families use this resource to help students to continue to maintain their skills. This has been shared with families.

School closures have an enormous impact on our students and families in the coming weeks. This situation changes daily and will continue to do so. We know we will get through this together. We have amazing kids, staff, families and community. I am thankful to be a part of it and know we will not just survive but will thrive.

Brad Laures, Superintendent
Denver Community Schools
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