Girls’ basketball has momentous season
When head coach Joseph Frost reflects on the seniors of his team, he sees a lot of growth. It’s hard to believe they were once middle school athletes with only one victory to their name over the course of two years. “This is the first group that I have gotten to coach from freshman year all the way through and it was amazing to see the huge improvement they made,” he said. “They were a group that went to open gyms and put in a lot of time on their own.”

Those seniors were part of the Denver team that competed at the state tournament for the first time in over ten years. This season, the team also finished in the top three in their conference. They lost the first round of state tournament to the #1 rated Cascade and finished the season with a record of 17-9.

The girls had a difficult start to their season with four consecutive losses, but that didn’t deter the Cyclones from building on their skills. “They are a group that could be knocked down but never stopped battling and playing hard,” Coach Frost said.

Frost said the focus as they went into this season wasn’t on big records but on individual and collective skill development. “One of our biggest focuses was how well we could play defense in February going into districts,” he said. “The girls did a great job focusing on this and improved a lot individually and as a team.”

As for the historic step at the Wells Fargo arena -- “Going to state was a great experience for the girls and the community,” said Coach Frost. “It was awesome to see how much support we received throughout the season and especially down the stretch in districts.”

“The experience was awesome,” he continued. “ Obviously it was a complete unknown for the players and myself, and we weren’t exactly sure how to go about it. I wanted the girls to make sure they didn’t think too much about not doing the experience correctly and just enjoy it. I really like how the girls didn’t want to change everything just because we were playing at state and playing the number one team in the state. They were more focused on doing what we have done all year and just trying to do it a little better.”

Two of the team members received all conference honors: sophomore Reese Johnson (First Team) and freshman Grace Hennessy (Second Team). The two underclassman were a powerhouse in scoring, defensive skills, and dominating the boards. For scoring, Johnson led the team with 267 points and Hennessy was close behind with 256. Johnson had a 151 rebounds this season and 66 steals. Hennessy had 143 rebounds with 40 steals. Hennessy also had 36 blocks.

The team’s four seniors are Jaden McMahon, Lexi Lyons, Bre Sadler, and Natalie Harberts.
Coach Frost noted that senior Jade McMahon finished just shy of 200 career assists with 198 and ended her career in the top five in three-point attempts.
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