Be on the lookout for a flock of pink flamingos!
A rogue flock of feathered pink flamingos have been spotted near Denver! Reports confirm that these pink beauties will soon be landing on the lawns of unsuspecting area residents!

The Friends of the Denver Public Library will be holding their spring fundraiser to help the library raise money for the summer reading program and the purchase of library materials. “Flock A Friend” will be taking place starting Monday May 3 and go until Friday, May 21. Good-spirited friends can arrange to have a sea of pink flamingos roost on a friend or neighbor’s yard for a donation to the Friends of the Denver Public Library. Should you wake up one morning to find these pink darlings on your lawn, don’t despair! The flock will only nest for 24 hours and migrate on to another unsuspecting lawn of your choice for a $25.00 donation. If you don’t choose to donate, the birds will move on at no charge to you! It’s all in good fun and a great way to raise money for the library!

Our flocks are here for a limited time only, so get your requests in as soon as possible. Flocks will fly to yards in Denver and rural areas around Denver within 3 to 5 miles of town. The Friends of the Library will be moving two flocks per night until May 21.

To arrange for a “flocking” or to send these feathered friends packing from your yard, stop by the Denver Public Library to sign up and pay your $25.00 or call one of these Friends of the Library members: Kem Scott – 984-5257 or Courtney Doepke – 920-904-4089 for more information. Those wishing to Flock A Friend must fill out a form and pay in advance.
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