Tree Board project helps keep Denver green
By Lindsey Corell

On May 15, members of the Denver Tree Board and other community members participated in planting trees around town.

Those present in the tree planting were: Gene Leonhart, Larry Farley, Brock Farley, Brian Moen, Jeremie Peterson, Xander Peterson, Jim Franzen, Jim Moeller, Mandy Gesme, Al Midthus, Rod Diercks, Teresa Diercks, Joel Wikner and Art Kurtt.

A skid steer and auger, owned by Wikner, was used for boring holes. He also provided his Ranger to help distribute mulch. A city dump truck loaded with mulch and a fire department truck to supply water were also used.

Twenty Exclamation London Plane trees were planted around Denver. Exclamation London Trees are a hybrid of the Sycamore family and will grow to around forty feet.

“I want to thank all those who were able to take part in what I thought was a very successful tree planting,” said Tree Board Chair Gene Leonhart.

Since the trees have been planted, Leonhart has received many positive comments from Denver citizens about the newly planted trees.
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