What you need to know about Election Day
By Cheryl Parker

November 2, 2021 is election day for Denver Mayor, City Council, and Denver Community School District Board of Education.

School Board

There are two positions available on the Denver School Board. Incumbent Scott Krebsbach is running for re-election; also running are Aaron Lueders and Ryan Wirtjes. Incumbent Ryan Sheridan is not seeking re-election.

City Ballot

Running for Mayor are incumbent Rod Diercks and challenger Jeremie Peterson. This is a 2-year term.

There are three openings on the Denver City Council. Incumbents Sean Hartman and Joel Wikner are seeking re-election; incumbent Gavin Carman is not seeking re-election and no one else has taken out election papers. This leaves one position available for a write-in candidate. Here is what Iowa Code says about write-in votes:

Write-In Votes

Write-In Candidate Wins and Accepts - No affidavit of candidacy is required. The person is declared elected as if their name had been printed on the ballot. [§376.11(1)]

Write-In Candidate Wins and Declines - Cities—When a write-in candidate wins a city election and does not want the job, the winning candidate may submit a letter of resignation to the city clerk by 5 p.m. on the 10th day after the final canvass. If the write-in winner does not resign within 10 days after the final canvass and fails to take the oath of office by the beginning of the new term, the office is vacant. [§376.11(1)]

If a letter of resignation is submitted within 10 days after the final canvass, the city clerk then notifies the person who received the next-highest number of votes. If there is a tie vote for the next highest number of votes, the board of supervisors draws lots to determine the person who received the next highest number of votes. [§50.44, 376.11(2)]

If the next highest vote-getter accepts, the person is considered the duly elected officer.
Exception: A petition may be filed requesting a special election if the next highest vote-getter takes office. The petition must be signed by eligible electors of the city equal in number to 25% of the people who voted for the office in the election. The petition must be filed within 10 days after the city clerk notifying the next highest vote getter. [§376.11(2)]

If the next highest vote-getter declines, the person must do so in writing within 10 days after the notice from the city clerk. If this occurs:

—The office is vacant at the end of the current term.

—The vacancy must be filled pursuant to §372.13(2).

If the council chooses to appoint, the appointment may be made before the end of the current term. [§376.11(2)]

A future Denver Forum will profile all candidates running for office November 2. If a person is willing to serve as a write-in candidate, please notify the Denver Forum at news@denveriaforum.com, or leave a message at 319-984-6179, so that the public knows of people who would be willing to serve.

Upcoming Deadlines

A request to receive an absentee ballot in the mail must be received in the County Auditor’s office by 5 pm, Monday, October 18. From October 13 through the close of business on November 1, eligible voters may cast their ballot in the County Auditor’s office. The ballot cannot leave the auditor’s office. The auditor explained, “Dine in (ballot voted in person) or Delivery (ballot sent by mail if request is received by 5 pm October 18) but no Take Out.”
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