Krueger “celebration of life” and golf benefit is May 20 at Waverly
By Kim Adams

A golf benefit is planned for avid Denver golfer Kasey Krueger at Waverly’s Municipal Golf Course on May 20.

The event will include a 4-person Best Shot Golf Tournament as well as a silent auction, which is now open.

Tee times for the golf tournament start at 8 a.m. at the Waverly Golf Course located at 705 8th Ave. SW. Cost is $50 per person and includes green fees and carts. The tournament is flighted including pins and hole events. All participants will receive a small bag with tees and ball markers from Golfland, Inc and a golf ball from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Call 319-352-1530 to reserve a tee time.

Kasey’s background

Kasey has been experiencing seizures for around 30 years. This has been a very expensive journey to discover what medically can be done. He has been taking medications for his condition for a long time – medications that cost $6800 per month.

He believes that his current condition was caused by a bout with spinal meningitis when he was just five months old.

In a phone interview last week, Kasey explained that he recently spent eight days at Mayo Clinic where surgeons implanted 15 wires in his brain to detect the exact area of the right frontal lobe where the problem is occurring. He is now scheduled for surgery, where a small area of his brain will be removed at Mayo on June 14.

Kasey was given two options by his Mayo physicians. One was to have an implant. The other was brain surgery.

The best outcome, Kasey explained, will be that he will keep his better than 20-20 vision and potentially be off medication. Kasey reports that he considers the surgery choice to be “the best decision I’ve ever made.” His doctors concurred, he said.

Kasey, who is self-employed at Krueger Appraisal Service, has lived all of his 51 years in Denver.

He has done residential real estate appraisals for years, now only part-time due to his medical condition.

“It’s gotten to the point where I needed to have this done,” he said.

Kasey is quick to say that the upcoming event is a “celebration of life” as well as a fund-raiser.

“I want to celebrate being alive,” he said. “This event will be fun for the public.”

It will be a celebration of his upcoming life-altering surgery, which will become a celebration of life itself.

The funds raised will help pay for medical and living expenses.

“I have a very positive attitude,” Kasey said. “God is working marvelous things for me.”

Tremendous support

Kasey expressed his gratitude for the support he’s received from his children, Karter Krueger and Karris Krueger, his fiancée, Jami, and her parents, Vern and Barbara North, Cedar Falls formerly of Denver, and his own family, friends and church family.

Kasey’s family includes his parents, Darrel and Steffanie Krueger; brother, Chad and Natallie Krueger and their children, Emori and Addison Krueger, Von and Jordyn Steck, Crayden Norman and Zander Norman; brother, Christopher and Jennifer Krueger, and their sons, Creed, Cael and Camden; Creed’s wife, Rileigh and their children, Ronan and Cainen; a sister, Kristin Krueger Atkins, deceased from Lyme Disease, and a brother-in-law, Mark Atkins.

Contact Kerri Wilson at St. John Lutheran Church, Maxfield, 319-240-6438, for more information about donating to this fund-raiser.
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