Tree Board honors Art Kurtt on Arbor Day
On Friday, April 29, members of the Denver Tree Board planted two Swamp White Oak trees in the grassed area just north of the Discoveries playground. These trees were planted in recognition of the Art Kurtt Arbor Day Memorial. The memorial, officially acknowledged by city and mayor proclamation, was first suggested by Pam Wolter, a longtime member of the Tree Board and a personal friend of Art Kurtt.

The Tree Board will continue on their mission to restore the tree population in Denver with another spring planting of over 20 trees. It was hoped that the work would be done by May 7. While recognizing Arbor Day as a memorial to Art Kurtt, his legacy will be expanded even further with dollars donated in his memory being shared with property owners who wish to plant trees on private properties. One of Art's favorite quotes will be long remembered: "When is the best day to plant a tree? Yesterday!"

The Denver Tree Board members include: Jim Franzen, Mandy Gesme, Jim Moeller, Dennis Thurm, Scott and Tommy Stout, Josh Heller, Josh Jensen, Brian Mahoney, Dan McCrary, Al Midthus, Jeremie Peterson and Gene Leonhart.
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