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Holiday Reveal at Local. ?this Saturday, Nov. 26
A holiday reveal is planned at Local., Denver’s newest gift shop.

Local. is positioned to put a whole new spin on your ability to shop and support local this festive season, beginning with the holiday reveal this Saturday, Nov. 26, starting at 9 AM. Local. is located at 103 E. Main St., Denver.

“In a time where retail giants essentially run our lives, Local. asks you to step outside the world of ‘two-day shipping’ and into a world of supporting the people building in and around your community,” said owner Hanna Nuss. “Long gone are the days when sparkling storefronts glittered the snowy streets on Main Streets in Iowa, but Local.’s mission is to create a world where that exists again - a world where we no longer rely on Amazon and Walmart for every need, but begin to rely on local ecosystems like rural Iowa once did.”

This newest storefront in Denver will be a representation of the talent in the community, connecting community members with gifts, Denver, Iowa experiences, and gift wrapping, plus a streamlined ability to support what is local.

“The most beautiful part of supporting the entrepreneurs who sell out of this space is that every single sale inspires each business to invest more into our community.” Nuss said.
Every day, since opening the shop a little over eight weeks ago, Local. has seen more foot traffic for shopping, events, and gatherings and an overwhelming interest and support from communities surrounding Denver. Many of the original brands selling out of Local. are coming back to bring the Holidays in with a bang. Including:

Custom Wood Creations, Mark Widdell, Denver - Charcuterie boards, bowls & decor;
Blue Raven, Abbey Gelner, Denver - Denver Cyclones apparel & gifts, decor & more;
Author Hanna Nuss, Denver - inspirations books, planners, goods & gifts;
Simply Wild Clothing Co., Alyssa Ford, Denver - holiday clothing;
SoDuh, Jesse Coughlin, Denver - street art, Denver, Iowa art;
Copper & Clay, Rebecca Renze, Waterloo - clay earrings, barrettes & necklaces;
Retopia Outdoors, Jordan Nuss, Denver - outdoors clothing;
Local., Hanna Nuss, Denver - Denver, Iowa, gifts & gear.

New brands that are coming on board to bring even more experiences and gift options include:

Sage Shed Creations, Diana Sage, Denver - home decor & more;
Corkey Creations, Diedra Pipho, Denver - coasters, wine stoppers & place settings;
Hilde & Co., Amanda Smith, Waterloo - cards & stickers;
Craft N’ Creations, Melissa Kirchoff, Denver - door rounds;
Why Woodn’t You, Jordan Cornwell, Waverly - handmade kid’s clothing & gifts;
Essentials by Jody, Jody Miller, Denver - essential oil bracelets;
Chalk Painting with Amy, Amy Kuehn, New Hampton - holiday decor;
County Cork Creations, Terry Cahill & Jill Kane, Denver - wood carvings;
Garbage Free Hippie, Meg Olson, Frederika, natural deodorant;
Made with Love, Kem Scott, Denver - walker caddies & alphabet bags;
Rivetted Studio, Cindy Corwin,Cedar Falls - epoxy mugs, spoon rings & jewelry;
Natural Suds & Body, Jana List, Denver - candles, wax melts & soap
Tumblers, Jill Lansing, Denver - Denver Cyclones epoxy mugs & pens;
Recycled Bricks, Jamin Wass, Denver - recycled & complete LEGO sets.

Every three months, Local. will shift theme and provide an entirely new experience for the town of Denver.

The line-up of brands at the shop is a great representation of the talent that lies in most rural communities, according to Nuss.

“Local. is committed to work with local entrepreneurs to expand their brands through coaching, connection, and shared spaces/equipment. Lowering the cost of overhead to each brand is vital,” she said.

“Building a brand is an uphill battle as it is, so Local. works to carry and equip brands with shared equipment so they do not take on the overhead until it is necessary or possible. This includes the shared brick and mortar space for our brands.” said Nuss. “As our brands build more, they are adding more to their line-up of services and products they bring."

Follow Local. @local.shop.space for information on more experiences coming to Denver including craft workshops, courses and classes. Nuss believes this community has the ability to power itself and has the people, businesses and caring hearts to support and build a new reality in Denver, Iowa.

“Local. believes in the power of rural communities and the power of the people within them,” Nuss concluded.
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