‘What is Lyme Disease?’ will be presented in Denver
The Bremer County Area Lyme Disease/Hormone Education and Support Group and the Lyme Disease Organization of Iowa is holding an information session on “What is Lyme Disease?” on Thursday, March 24 at 6 PM at the Denver Community Room, located at City Hall. Light refreshments will be served. 

Anyone interested in learning about Lyme Disease is welcome, as well as diagnosed Lyme patients and their families, or those seeking clarification about the outdated guidelines, protocols and lyme trained specialists.

Those who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, M.S., lupus, chronic fatigue, even autism are especially encouraged to attend to learn how these disorders are linked to Lyme Disease.  

Free handouts, dvd’s and other printed materials will be available. Several speakers are planned, but stop in anytime to pick up literature. The Bremer County Group and the nine other support groups throughout the state are an affiliate of the Lyme Disease United Coalition/Lyme Disease Organizaion of Iowa.  Contact information for trained lyme doctors in the Midwest will also be available.

Speakers will include members of the Bremer County Lyme Support Group, newly diagnosed, those who are cured, those still struggling, teens dealing with the disease and parents of teens diagnosed.

Kris Brunkhorst, founder of the Bremer County Lyme Support Group, is the wife of former State Senator/Representative Bob Brunkhorst and currently Waverly’s Mayor. She will share her lyme story and tell about her 10+ year struggle to be diagnosed and loss of quality of life, her treatment, and now that she is cured, her life after Lyme. Kris is an adjunct professor at Hawkeye Community College teaching speech and is a substitute teacher. She is the newly appointed President of the Lyme Disease Organization (LDO) of Iowa, overseeing all the chapters/support groups in the state. 

For more information contact  Brunkhorst at (319) 352-0065 or by email at bkbrunk@netins.net.
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