Denver's Inaugural Mile-Wide Holiday ?Window Hunt: A Vibrant Community Tradition
Get ready for a holiday experience like never before! Denver is hosting its first-ever Mile-Wide Holiday Window Hunt, a free, family-friendly experience exploring all that downtown Denver has to offer. The “Window Hunt” will be on from Saturday, Nov. 25 through Sunday, December 31.

This exciting event invites locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the vibrant community of Denver. The streets will come alive with a dazzling display of holiday window paintings, all beautifully coordinated around a central theme. Each window will be adorned with intricate details and charming scenes that capture the spirit of the season.

Hidden Objects and Activities for All Ages

But the fun doesn't stop at the paintings! The Mile-Wide Holiday Window Hunt offers an engaging scavenger hunt for families to enjoy. Seek out hidden objects within the artwork, discover the theme and embark on a delightful adventure that will keep everyone entertained.

A Community United in Celebration

The Mile-Wide Holiday Window Hunt is more than just a visual feast - it's an opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate and support local small businesses this holiday season. As families explore the streets of Denver, they'll find themselves immersed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, surrounded by the community and camaraderie that this time of year brings.

Make Denver a Destination this Holiday Season

Make your way to Denver this holiday season for a small-town dose of unique holiday magic that's designed to leave all participants with cherished memories. The Mile-Wide Holiday Window Hunt is a testament to the spirit and creativity of the Denver community and a holiday tradition that is not to be missed.

Worksheets to track the participating windows can be picked up at Denver Kwik Star or Dollar General. Or visit for more information. Local businesses look forward to welcoming everyone to Denver's Mile-Wide Holiday Window Hunt -- where the vibrancy of Denver’s business district is brought to life!
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